Beginning of the Ukulele Intro 

In almost every cover from the First 100, Mikey played uke rather than guitar. At the time, the project was just a fun little quarantine diversion, so the sweetness of the ukulele was a perfect fit, as seen in this early pandemic version of ‘On the Road Again’
Approaching the 100th video, the collaborations were becoming more epic, and Mikey realized the ukulele wasn’t going to do them justice.  It was then that he came up with the idea of doing a short ukulele intro at the beginning before switching to guitar for the actual performance (first done for ‘Unity’  #94).  That was also when Michael Crusty and Steve Rizen joined Mikey, Dean and Darrin to round out the team and establish the template for the second phase of the series. 
I think one of Mikey’s  prettiest intros so far is for ‘American Jesus’. 
This is a story Mikey originally shared with Patrons on the Mikey and his Uke Patreon site.

Creation of the Logo

By Mikey Hawdon
I first met my good friend Ron Cybulskie when our two bands were touring together back in the early 2000s. At the time, Ron was the drummer for the Saigon Hookers and I was the drummer for the Inner City Surfers. We struck up a friendship and have been pals ever since. Later, Ron became a graphic artist  in Kitchener, Ontario, where he works on a wide range of design projects.
In May 2020, when I was first transferring the daily videos to Youtube, I asked Ron to create a ‘Mikey and his Uke’ logo using a couple of references. The first was of a monkey, and the second was a picture of me holding my ukulele. Obviously, he did a great job blending the images and creating a distinctive and playful logo for the series.
And I think we can all agree, it definitely beats my original concept of a 'Mikey Pirate’ over two crossed ukuleles!  I'm no artist. Yikes!