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Over time, I hope to highlight each and every one of the incredible artists who have appeared throughout the series, but for now, I’ll start with a few of my personal favourites.


Featured Artist 

Chris #2

Chris #2 (Chris Barker) has been providing bass and vocals for Anti-Flag since 1999. Their unique  brand of punk activism has been an inspiration to people all over the world (including Mikey’s brother Danny, who has their broken guns logo tattooed around his elbow). Needless to say, it’s been wonderful having Chris on the covers of Bro Hymn by Pennywise, Drain You by Nirvana, and most recently, Panic Song by Green Day.
In a 2020 interview with Cryptic Rock, Chris was asked about the political nature of Anti-Flag’s lyrics and the controversy they generate. He responded by saying 
“Honestly, it’s what our job is and what we’ve set out to do; we don’t know how to do anything else. There are people that are suffering on many greater levels than we’ve ever felt, and it’s our job to carry them with us, to have solidarity, and really work to put the environmental, social, racial and economic justice that we want to see happen at the forefront of all of our discussions—even if it is sometimes scary.”
In case you missed it, here’s Chris #2 on the series’ cover of Green Day’s Panic Song, along with White Wives’ Josh Massie and drummer extraordinaire, Kye Smith

chris #2

acoustic version

bring out yOur dead



The Bad Cop/Bad Cop video ‘Simple Girl’ includes a number of artists who have guested on ‘Mikey and his Uke’, including band members Stacey Dee, Myra Gallarza, Linh Le and one of their featured guests, Talli Osborne.
Simple Girl is described by WallofSoundau.com as “such a great song with an awesome message for women all around the globe, held together with a pop punk riff that you can’t help but dance to.”
 From the album ‘The Ride’ put out by Fat Wreck Chord label in June 2020


Stacey Dee


beastie boys’

time for livin’







lInh Le


jimmy eat world

the middle


‘simple girl’ video GUEST APPEARANCE

talli osborne


bro hymn chorus And

thE pogues

streams of whiskey 

Featured artist

Chris ballew

Chris Ballew achieved tremendous success and recognition as lead singer for the Presidents of the United States, but his greatest motivation has always been, quite simply, to make people happy.
Since 2008, he’s been actively pursuing that goal by writing and performing children’s music under the name Caspar Babypants.   It’s a career he finds deeply rewarding, in part, because it allows him to “bring the whole family into the same room and have every age say, ‘I love this song!”
What a perfect fit for the spirit of these collaborations! Mikey was thrilled to have Chris bring his unique voice to the Nirvana classic, Sliver, also featuring Zander Schloss and Jake Kiley 

Caspar babypants

MIster Rabbit

Featured Artist

Brittany Nicole


What a pleasure to have Brittany Nicole Bowman on the cover of Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers! This talented performer has been playing drums and guitar since childhood and is well known for her session work, her demo videos and her association with companies such as Roland, Celestine U.K., Sabian and Vater Pecussion.  Now based in L.A., she’s developed a strong following on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, where she posts drum covers, drum lessons and remixes of a wide range of songs.


Once in a Lifetime!

In addition to their shared love of drums, guitars and all things punk, Brittany and Mikey also have another very unique and specific experience in common, having  both been ‘that lucky kid’ who gets called up on stage to play with Green Day.  For Mikey, it was at a 1998 concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the song was Knowledge. He still has the pic that Billie Joe gave him that night along with a newspaper article describing the performance. For Brittany, it was 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she played guitar on Jesus Of Suburbia from the American Idiot album.  In her case, that thrilling performance was captured on video and posted at 
Below is Brittany’s cover of Kerosene by The Interrupters:

 FEatured artist

rAndy bradbUry

Randy Bradbury became a permanent member of Pennywise following the unexpected death of former bass guitarist Jason Thirsk in the mid 1990s.  In a recent conversation with Michael Crusty (The Miserable Failure Podcast EP30), Randy talked about the pressure he felt during that transition and his determination to do the best work possible.  Clearly, he rose to the challenge and remains a key contributor to the ongoing success and relevance of Pennywise for the past 25 years. 
 Randy is well known for his social media presence and his work with Punk Rock Karaoke alongside bandmates Greg Hetson of Bad Religion/Circle Jerks, Stan Lee of the Dickies and Darrin Pfeiffer, ex-Goldfinger.  
He’s also been a great friend to the Mikey and his Uke series. His first guest appearance was on their epic cover of the Pennywise anthem, Bro Hymn, which helped set the tone for all the collaborations that followed. More recently, Randy joined Lauren Denitzio, Buddy Schaub, Matt Appleton, Dan Palmer, Darrin Pfieffer and Mikey for a cover of ‘When You Were Mine’ by Prince.  As always, his performance was stellar!




In conversation with Dominic and Sam of Bad Music Taste

Featured artist

Tim brennan

dropkick murphys

In 2003, already a fan of Celtic punk, a young Tim Brennan was asked to go on tour with the Dropkick Murphys to sell merchandise, and then to play accordion on a few of their songs. Those performances led to more and more involvement with the band until he was made their full-time accordion/mandolin/tin whistle/banjo player, and eventually their permanent lead guitarist. It sounds like every kid’s dream-come-true, but one for which the multi-talented Tim Brennan was more than deserving. Over the years, he’s continued to make stellar contributions both as a performer and a songwriter.
 In a 2019 interview with Music Mayhem Magazine, when the interviewer commented on the band’s commitment to giving back to the community through its Claddagh Fund, Tim replied, “Thank you. We are so lucky to be where we are and get to do this for a living, as we are literally just seven idiots from the northeast who happened to fall into being able to do this so as long as people keep coming and loving what we are doing, as it’s just so phenomenal, and as long as they do, we’re going to keep doing it.”
You can learn more about this incredible initiative at https://www.claddaghfund.org/
 When asked about his spare-time pleasures, Tim shared that he’s a huge TV and film buff who retains a lot of weird movie quotes, saying  “I come from one of those families that communicates with one another through film quotes, so that and music are pretty much the things that I grew up with.” 
The full interview is available at https://musicmayhemmagazine.com/catching-up-with-dropkick-murphys-guitarist-tim-brennan-at-louder-than-life-festival/
Mikey has been a longtime fan of Tim’s work and was delighted when he agreed to appear on a cover of The Hives’ Hate to Say I Told You So, along with David Hidalgo Jr. (Social Distortion), Ryan Sinn (The Distillers) and Matt Hock (The Explosion).
As always, it was a great performance!

Dropkick murphys

until the next time




As of this writing, Karina Denike has appeared on two covers in the series (‘Radio, Radio’ and ‘Bonzo Goes to Bitburg’) with more in the works. Aside from her incredible voice and musicianship, Karina brings a unique playfulness to everything she does, and is a perfect fit for the spirit of these collaborations.  
Mikey was first introduced to Karina’s music during the ska revival of the late 90s when she was one of the lead vocalists for the Dance Hall Crashers, and then again when she began playing keyboards with NOFX. 
When he started looking for strong female voices to add to the series, Karina was one of the first people he contacted.
Radio, Radio is a favourite of mine, also featuring Dan Vapid, L’il Joe and Ray Jacildo.
It makes me smile every time I see it.

Dance Hall Crashers

He Wants Me Back

With Karina Denike

featured artist

Lauren denitzio


Mikey was thrilled to kick off his second year of collaborations with a stellar vocal performance by queer activist and commentator Lauren Denitzio, best known as singer, songwriter and guitarist for Worriers.  In addition to touring and collaborating with punk artists such as Anti-Flag, The Wonder Years and Laura Jane Grace of Against Me, Lauren is active in podcasts, newsletters and visual media that reflect a queer-feminist perspective.
It was wonderful having this incredibly gifted artist join Randy Bradbury (Pennywise), Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake), Matt Appleton (Reel Big Fish) and Dan Palmer (Zebrahead/Death By Stereo) on the classic Prince tune, ‘When You Were Mine’.
Together, they made it something really special!



With lauren denitzio

Produced by Laura Jane Grace