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tony Hawk

pro skater

Tony Hawk is admired around the world  for his extraordinary career as a professional skateboarder/entrepreneur and his generosity in helping to build skateparks in underprivileged areas.  
But who knew he had such an incredible voice!?!? Mikey knew….that’s who! And so did fellow team member Darrin Pfeiffer who previously backed Tony on a Punk Rock Karaoke version of ‘In the City’ by the Jam.  In both videos – the one with Mikey and his Uke and the one with PRK – Tony’s vocals are spot on. 
His involvement in Mikey’s ‘No Cigar’ video was a joy for everyone involved. This particular track is included on the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 video game (2001) and was Tony’s choice for a song he’d like to cover. 
With Tony on board, Mikey asked Nikola of Millencolin if he wanted to play bass and share vocals. As the writer of the song, and an avid skater himself, Nikola loved the idea and agreed immediately. The lineup was finalized with Mikey and pro-skater Steve Caballero on guitars, and team member Darrin Pfeiffer on drums.   
Michael Crusty and Steve Rizun went all out in making the video look and sound amazing, and webmaster Dean added some extra touches as well, including a very cool skateboard version of the Mikey and his Uke logo. 



 With only one exception, every video since the cover of ‘Everything Sux‘ has included a surprise clip at the end, usually some sweet or silly moment pulled from the unedited video submissions. These are in addition to whatever other visual references videographer Michael Crusty decides to insert.  For ‘No Cigar’, he outdid himself. His use of video game motifs and fonts even includes final scoreboard numbers with hidden meanings.  
Tony’s score of 30887653, for example, is the actual world record for the Play Station version of Pro skater 2. 
Nikola’s score of 2222000 represents the date February 2nd, 2000, when Millencolin’s album Pennybridge Pioneers was released, and where the song ‘No Cigar’ first appears. 
Cab’s numbers are a playful reference to the adolescent discovery that punching 5318008 into a calculator, and turning it upside down, spells ‘BOOBIES’.  Really, Crusty!?!?
Darrin’s score is a reference to the Tommy Tutone song ‘8675309 Jenny Jenny’ from the early 80s, and Mikey’s total score of 11051955 is a nod to his favourite movie, Back to the Future, because the numbers represent the date November 5th, 1955, when Marty McFly first goes back in time.
 With its gaming imagery, Bonus points and skating sequences, the ‘No Cigar’ cover is exceptionally fun to watch, as well as being a listening pleasure.

Featured artisT

Mike herrera

Best known as vocalist, bassist and songwriter for MxPx, Mike Herrera is also the frontman for Tumbledown and the bassist for Goldfinger.
It was an honour to have him join the cover of Black Flag’s Rise Above, also featuring Tim McIlrath, Lou Koller and Moby.
This has been one of the most popular collaborations in the series so far, for good reason!

Mike herrera 

On stage with

MIkey &  DaRRIN


One  of Mikey’s favourite memories of the 2015 Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec, was being joined on stage by Mike Herrera for a performance of MxPx’s Responsibility.
What a special night!

Mike herrera

Let’s Ride 

Featured artist

Lou koller

SIck of it all

As of this writing, Lou Koller has sung on three of Mikey’s covers.  These include Black Flag’s Rise Above, Bad Brains’ Attitude, and most recently, Merchandise by Fugazi. 
His band, Sick of It All, has been active in the New York hardcore scene since 1986, and features Lou on vocals, his brother Pete on guitar, Armand Majidi on drums and Craig Setari on bass. 
When Punknews.org published a retro review of the band’s 1999 album ‘Call to Arms’, it was noted that “theirs is a catalogue like no other in the hardcore genre. They’ve released more full-lengths than almost any other hardcore band, they’ve maintained a relevance in the genre unlike any other band, and they’ve harnessed consistency like no other band. Sick of It All is probably the single greatest and most prolific band the hardcore genre has ever seen”
You can read the full review at:


Needless to say, it’s been a pleasure having Lou on these covers. His talent, energy and love of the music are evident in every performance!


SiCk of it all

Road less trAvelled


Lou Koller

Interview with Elliot 

‘Little Punk People’

Lou’s reputation as a truly nice guy is confirmed throughout this interview. Elliot’s enthusiasm and preparedness as an interviewer,  combined with Lou’s humour, modesty and friendliness, make this a genuinely enjoyable conversation.

featured artist

Roger lima

Brazilian-American musician Roger Lima is best known as vocalist and bass player for the ska punk band ‘Less Than Jake’. He’s also a guitarist, producer, singer/songwriter who runs Moathouse Productions out of his home studio in Gainesville, Florida.  There, he mixes, records and produces for bands such as the Dopamines, and occasionally for Less than Jake releases, including See the Light. Aside from his musicianship, Roger is admired for the exceptional energy and charisma he brings to every performance. 
As of this writing, Roger has guested on two ‘Mikey and his Uke’ videos, a cover of NOFX’ It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite and The Offspring’s All I Want. In both, his exuberance and talent are on full display!

Less tHan jake

The science of selling yourself short

Roger Lima


J. Mascis

A Rolling Stone List of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time ranked J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. at #86, ahead of the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Bonnie Raitt.
What a pleasure to have him join in on the cover of The Replacements ‘Favourite Thing’, along with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls and Chad Price of All/Drag the River.
Mikey has always loved the Replacements (and has the tattoos to prove it) so this was a really special one for him.


Dinosaur jr.

feel the pain