Beginning of the Ukulele Intro 

In almost every cover from the earliest videos,  Mikey played uke rather than guitar. At the time, the project was just a fun little quarantine diversion, so the sweetness of the ukulele was a perfect fit, as seen in this early pandemic version of ‘On the Road Again’
However, as the collaborations became bigger and more complex, Mikey realized that a ukulele wasn’t going to do them justice.  It was then that he came up with the idea of doing a short ukulele intro at the beginning before switching to guitar for the actual performance (first done for ‘Unity’  #94).  That was also when Michael Crusty and Steve Rizun joined Mikey, Dean and Darrin to round out the team and establish the template for the second phase of the series. 
I think one of Mikey’s  prettiest intros so far is for ‘American Jesus’. 
This is a story Mikey originally shared with Patrons on the Mikey and his Uke Patreon site.

Creation of the Logo

By Mikey Hawdon
I first met my good friend Ron Cybulskie when our two bands were touring together back in the early 2000s. At the time, Ron was the drummer for the Saigon Hookers and I was the drummer for the Inner City Surfers. We struck up a friendship and have been pals ever since. Later, Ron became a graphic artist  in Kitchener, Ontario, where he works on a wide range of design projects.
In May 2020, when I was first transferring the daily videos to Youtube, I asked Ron to create a ‘Mikey and his Uke’ logo using a couple of references. The first was of a monkey, and the second was a picture of me holding my ukulele. Obviously, he did a great job blending the images and creating a distinctive and playful logo for the series.
And I think we can all agree, it definitely beats my original concept of a 'Mikey Pirate’ over two crossed ukuleles!  I'm no artist. Yikes! 

MIKey and his uke


Trivia quiz

Since June 2020, starting with the Unity video, guests from all around the world have appeared on the series. They’ve generously given us glimpses into their homes, studios, neighbourhoods, and even their closets.  
Just for fun, we’ve put together a trivia quiz to see how many details you can track down or remember from past collaborations. Some of the questions are fairly easy, some are moderately tough and some are master class only!  Good luck!.

Q. 1  
In 2020/2021, how many Mikey and his Uke videos featured Nikola Sarcevic of Millencolin?
A)     1
B)     2
C)     3
D)    4
E)     5

Q. 2
 Which performer on which video is wearing a Dee Dee King t-shirt?
A)    Chris Cresswell in The Ramones ‘Something to Believe In’
B)     Chris Cresswell in The Ramones ‘Bonzo Goes to Bitburg’
C)     Jason Cruz in Rancid’s ‘American Jesus’ by Bad Religiion
D)    Steve Caballero in ‘Dope Sick Girl’
E)     Jonny ‘2 Bags’ Wickersham in ‘Ever Fallen In Love’ by the Buzzcocks 

Which guest performer was playfully attacked by a cat during recording? 
A)    Russ Rankin of Good Riddance
B)     Matt Hock of The Explosion
C)     Chuck Cole’s of RULES, Organ Thieves, Creepshow
D)    Greg Hetson of Circle Jerks/Bad Religion
E)     Jim Lindberg of Pennywise

Q. 4    
Who wore a DRI shirt  on the cover of Black Flag’s Rise Above?
A)    Tim McIlraith
B)     Lou Koller
C)     Moby 
D)    Mike Herrera 
E)     Darrin Pfeiffer 
Q. 5
Two of the following artists recorded M.A.H.U. video footage in a pool. Which two?
A)    Hunter Burgan from AFI
B)     Dan Vapid of Dan Vapid and the Cheats
C)     Tony Hawk
D)    Buddy Schaub of Less than Jake
E)     Karina Denike of NOFX/Dance Hall Crashers

Q. 6
Who was the youngest guest performer on M.A.H.U. In 2020/2021?
A)    Tosh the Drummer
B)     Rose Farrell of Yee Loi
C)     Matilda Farrell of Yee Loi
D)    Kye Smith session drummer
E)     Lauren Denitzio of Worriers
Q. 7
Which video has been most viewed? 
A)    No Cigar
B)     I Turned Into a Martian
C)     All I Want
D)    Bonzo Goes to Bitburg 
E)     I’m So Bored With the U.S.A.
Q. 8
Who dressed as a nun for a M.A.H.U. recording?
A)    Karina Denike of NOFX/Dance Hall Crashers
B)     Purple Intruder of Masked Intruder
C)     Jennifer Finch of L7
D)    Josie Cotton
E)     Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Which artist on the cover of Devo’s ‘Girl U Want’ has a skeleton in his recording space?
A)    Milo of the Descendants 
B)     Johann Gustafsson of The Hives
C)     Eaglebones Falconhawk of the Aquabats
D)    Adrian Young of No Doubt
E)     Jason Freese 

Q. 10
In which video is there an ‘exploding’ Stephen Egerton cameo?
A)    Everything Sucks by the Descendents 
B)     Attitude by the Bad Brains
C)     Favourite Thing by the Replacements
D)    Bad Religions’s No Control
E)     Time for Livin’ by The Beastie Boys

On which of the following covers does Mikey take solo lead vocals?  
A)  Betray by Minor Threat
B) Radio, Radio by Elvis Costello
C) I Forget by SNFU
D) Everything Sucks by the Descendents
E) Streams of Whiskey by the Pogues

How many different pets and/or kids appear on the cover of ‘Big Mouth’ by the Muffs?
A)  3
B)  4
C)  5
D)  6
E)  7 or more

Q1 -D
Q2 -A
Q3 - B 
Q4 - C
Q5 - C & D
Q6 - C
Q7 - D
Q8 - D
Q9 - E
Q10 - A
Q11 - D
Q12 - E

Full list


guest performers

From June 2020 to Present

Appleton, Matt (Reel Big Fish)
Aukerman, Milo (The Descendents)
Baksh, Dave ‘Brownsound’ (Sum 41/Organ Thieves)
Ballew, Chris (The Presidents of the United States/Caspar Babypants)
Balsac The Jaws of Death (GWAR)
Basile, Ben (Big D and the Kids Table)
Belke, Brent ‘Bunt’  (SNFU)
Belke, Marc ‘Muc’ (SNFU)
Bentley, Jay (Bad Religion)
Bivona, Jesse (The Interrupters)
Bivona, Justin (The Interrupters)
Black, Jason (Hot Water Music)
Blair, Zachary (Rise Against/Only Crime)
Bones, Emily (Anti-Queens)
Bovell, Russell Merritt 
Bowman, Brittany Nicole (session drummer/YouTuber)
Bradbury, Randy (Pennywise)
Brown, Brendan B. (Wheatus)
Brennan, Tim (Dropkick Murphys)
Burgan, Hunter (AFI)
Caballero, Steve (Pro Skater/The Faction/Urethane)
Carey, John E. (Old Man Markley)
Carrion, Doug (Field Day/Descendents/Dag Nasty)
Chanel West Coast (media personality)
Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)
Clarke, Frankie (Frankie and the Studs)
Cole, Katie (touring member Smashing Pumpkins/ solo artist)
Coles, Chuck (Rules/Creepshow/Organ Thieves/United Snakes/Iron Roots)
Condosta, A.J. (Guttermouth/Hit the Switch/Jughead’s Revenge)
Cone (Sum 41)
Cotton, Josie (solo artist)
Cresswell, Chris (The Flatliners)
Cropper, Jason (solo artist/ex-Weezer/co-writer of My Name is Jonas)
Crusty, Michael X (No Big Deal/Mikey and his Uke Team Member)
Cruz, Jason (Strung Out)
Dahlia, Blag (The Dwarves)
Dee, Stacey (Bad Cop/Bad Cop)
DeMakes, Chris (Less than Jake)
Denike, Karina (Dance Hall Crashers/NOFX/Cottontails)
Denitzio, Lauren (Worriers)
Dumas, Darrin Mista’ D (The Salads)
EagleBones Falconhawk (The Aquabats/Death by Stereo)
Egerton, Stephen (Descendents/ALL/Flag)
Ellis, Brenton (These Magnificent Tentacles)
Escalante, Joe (The Vandals)
Evil Jared Hasselhoff (Bloodhound Gang)
Falomir, Richard ‘Ricky Fitness’ (Aquabats/Assorted Jelly Beans)
Farrell, Matilda (Yee Loi)
Farrell, Rose (Yee Loi)
Felicetti, Rob (Bowling for Soup)
Fig, Anton (David Letterman Band/Session Drummer)
Finch, Jennifer (L7)
Fisher, Norwood (Fishbone)
Flouride, Klaus (Dead Kennedys)
Freeze, Jason (Studio and Touring Musician for Green Day, Joe Walsh, Jewel etc.)
Gabba, Amy (Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous)
Gagne, Mathieu
Gallant, Jon (Billy Talent)
Gallarza, Myra (Bad Cop/Bad Cop)
Gasparetto, Maggie (Barely Covered)
George, Rocky (Cro Mags/Fishbone/ex-Suicidal Tendencies)
Gibbs, Alvin (UK Subs/The Disobedient Servants)
Giles, Gwendolyn (Dog Party)
Giorgini, Mass (Common Rider/Squirtgun/ex-Screeching Weasel))
Glover, Dean (James Clark Institute/Fandemics/Mikey and his Uke Team Member)
Gonsalves, Errol
Goober, Tom (Toy Dolls/Goober Patrol/Evil Conduct)
Granelli, Andy (The Distillers)
Grushka, Ian (New Found Glory)
Gustafson, Johan (The Hives/Randy)
Gyde, Elizabeth
Hago, Sulynn (Propagandhi)
Happoldt, Michael ‘Migs’ (GilMigsRog/ex-Sublime/ex-Long Beach Dub Allstars)
Hause, Dave (solo artist/The Mermaid/The Loved Ones/Falcon)
Hawdon, Mikey (Fairmounts/Mikey and his Uke Team Member)
Hawk, Tony (Pro Skater)
Head, Simon (Fairmounts/Four Square/Power of Huey)
Hensley, Matt (Flogging Molly)
Herrera, Mike (MXPX)
Hetson, Greg (Circle Jerks/Bad Religion/Punk Rock Karaoke)
Hidalgo, David Jr. (Social Distortion)
Hidalgo, Vincent (Mariachi El Bronx)
Hock, Matt (The Explosion)
Jacildo, Raynier Jacob (JD McPherson Band; ex-The English Beat; Dan Auerbach Jr; Thomas and the Volcanos)
James, Scott (Movin in Stereo) 
Jenarchy (War on Women/NOMORE)
Jones, Danko (solo artist)
Jones, Dustin (Conspirators/Dustin Jones and the Rising Tide)
Katz, Lawrence (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
Kensrue, Dustin (Thrice)
Kidwiler, Steve (Speedbuggy USA/Ex-NOFX: S&M Airlines and Ribbed)
Kiley, Jake (Strung Out)
Knox, Valerie (Anti-Queens/Black Cat Attack)
Koller, Lou (Sick of it All)
Kopp, Paige (Foolproof)
Kuehn, Greg (T.S.O.L.))
Lake, Dyno
Le, Linh (Bad Cop/Bad Cop)
Lee, Stan (The Dickies)
Leger, Ryan ‘Legs’ (ex-Every Time I Die/ex-Norma Jean)
Leigh, Mickey (Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music/STOP/The  Rattlers)
Lima, Roger (Less Than Jake)
Lindberg, Jim (Pennywise)
Lovato, Tony (Mest)
Lyxzen, Dennis (Refused)
MacDonald, Sandy (Mikey’s Mom)
MacKenzie, Erin (Doped Up Dollies)
Mascis, J (Dinosaur Jr.)
Massie, Josh (White Wives)
McDermott, Michael (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts/ex-Bouncing Souls)
McDougall , Lindsay (Frenzal Rhomb)
McGilp, Kevin (No Big Deal)
McGuire, Mike (Get Dead)
McIlrath, Tim (Rise Against)
McKenzie, Paul (The Real McKenzies)
McMullen, Andrew (Fairmounts/Choices Made)
McWane, Brianne (Doped Up Dollies)
McWane, David (Big D and the Kids Table)
Melvin, Eric (NOFX)
Moby (solo artist)
Monzones, Jay
Moore, Angelo (Fishbone)
Morse, Todd (The Offspring/H2O)
Murphy, Chris (Sloan)
Navarro, Jason (Suicide Machines)
Nieva, Mario (The Real McKenzies)
Nolan, Al (Almighty Trigger Happy/Downbelows/Cursed Blessings Records)
Noodles (The Offspring)
Olga (The Toy Dolls)
Osborne, Talli (Nubs and her Studs)
O’Shea, Jack (Bayside)
Palmer, Dan (Zebrahead/Death by Stereo)
Panic, Dan (ex-Screeching Weasel/ex-The Riverdales/ex-The Queers/Squirtgun)
Pfeiffer, Darrin (ex-Goldfinger/Punk Rock Karaoke/ Mikey and his Uke Team Member)
Pitts, Michael
Platfoot, Andy (Buck-O-Nine)
Preston, Kevin (Prima Donnas/The Longshot/touring guitarist with Green Day)
Price, Chad (ALL/A Vulture Wake/Drag the River)
Principe, Joe (Rise Against/88 Fingers Louie)
Puna, Allan
Purple Intruder (Masked Intruder)
Radinsky, Scott (Pulley/ex-Ten Foot Pole)
Ragan, Chuck (Hot Water Music)
Ramone, CJ (The Ramones)
Rankin, Russ (Good Riddance)
Raposo, Lil’ Joe (Lagwagon/Rich Kids on LSD/A Vulture Wake)
Raun, Dave (Lagwagon/Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Gimmes)
Rawles, Steve (Belvedere/This is a Standoff)
Red, Brenna (The Last Gang)
Rest, Chris (Lagwagon/Rich Kids on LSD)
Reynolds, Scott (ALL/The Pavers)
Richardson, Sirae (Doped Up Dollies)
Riddle, Matt (Fire Sale/No Use for a Name/ex-Face to Face)
Rivera, Boz (RKL/The Other/Mad Caddies/No Use for a Name)
Ross, Stuart (Comeback Kid)
Sarcevic, Nikola (Millencolin)
Sarrazin, Sean
Schaub, Buddy (Less Than Jake)
Schloss, Zander (Circle Jerks/Joe Strummer/The Weirdos)
Schreifels, Walter (Gorilla Biscuits/Youth of Today/Quicksand/Rival Schools)
Seconds, Kevin (7 Seconds)
Sellers, Sean (Good Riddance/Beasto Blanco/The Real McKenzies/A Vulture Wake)
Serritiello, Ale (Creepshow)
Seward, Andrew (Against Me/Deadaires)
Shevchuk, Jason (None More Black/Kid Dynamite)
Shiflett, Scott (Face to Face/Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies)
Sifton, John Craig (solo artist)
Sinn, Ryan (The Distillers)
Smalley, Dave (DYS/Dag Nasty/ALL/Down By Law/Dave Smalley and the Bandoleros/Don’t Sleep)
Smith, Kye (Session Drummer/YouTuber)
Smyth, Nicholas (The Dreadnoughts)
Stevenson, Bill (The Descendents/ALL/Flag/Only Crime/ex-Black Flag)
Stinco, Jeff (Simple Plan)
Stroumboulopoulos, George (media personality)
Tabor, Heather (Bullets to Broadway/ex-Teen Idols)
Takac, Robby (Goo Goo Dolls)
Taylor, Joe (Knuckle Puck)
Thomas, Paul (Good Charlotte)
Thompson, Danny (Face to Face)
Torgerson, Andrew (EpiFats)
Tosh the Drummer (session and touring drummer for Jxdn) 
Turner, Frank (solo artist)
Valentine, Kathy (The Go-Go’s)
Valjean, Moon (Greek Fire/Goldfinger/ex-Story of the Year)
Vammen, Melanie (The Muffs, The Pandoras, The Coolies)
Vapid, Dan (Dan Vapid and the Cheats/Methadones/Mopes/ex-Screeching Weasel/ex-Riverdales)
Vetter, Adam (EpiFats)
Volpe, Gina (Lunachics/Bantam)
Warsop, Davey (Sharp Shock/Suedehead/Beat Union)
Watkins, Wayne
Wickersham, Jonny ‘2 Bags’ (Social Distortion)
Wieklinski, Dan (88 Fingers Louie)
Yonker, Matt ‘Drastic’ (Less Than Jake/ex-Teen Idols/Bullets to Broadway/Methadones/The Queers)
Young, Adrian (No Doubt/Dreamcar)
Zenka, Ilza

Mikey and his Uke

Original Art